Three major clusters signed a memorandum of cooperation in the electricity mobility, renewable sourcing and cooperative sectors

The tripartite memorandum is an important step in the development of Bulgarian Worker producers’ co-operatives in the renewable sourcing and electromobility sectors. Both have a great horizon for development. Cooperation in these areas with leading organisations is the basis for the successful dissemination of cooperative principles and values.

On March 30, 2022, a tripartite memorandum of cooperation was signed in the Bulgarian Industrial Association in the sectors of electric mobility, renewable energy sources and cooperatives.

The President of the Board of BIA Dobri Mitrev welcomed the Chairmen of the National Branch Organization EVIC, Cooperative Cluster and Renewable Energy Sources Cluster. The associations unite their efforts for the development of electric mobility and renewable energy sources in Bulgaria and the Balkan region.

The three organizations are about to launch a project to build new solar parks and connect them to management through smart grids. A valuable partner will be the numerous sites, part of the cooperative cluster, on whose territories will be part of these parks. Thus, the kind of energy cooperatives will produce the so-called “green energy”, which will be targeted for charging stations and networks for electric vehicles.

04.July.2019 Regional Meeting for ISSS 2014-2020, Regional Administration, Burgas

At the invitation of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria, on 04th of July 2019 in Burgas District Administration, the President of the Cooperative Cluster, Dr. Stilian Balasopulov, will take part in a regional meeting on the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization ) 2014-2020. The program will present the implementation of ISSS in 2018. A wide-format discussion is foreseen to be held in focus groups on the following topics: – difficulties encountered in the implementation of innovative ISSS projects in the ISSS priorities; need to update within the priority direction; – proposals for new support measures in the priority axes of ISSS.

04.07.2019 Cooperative Cluster will be presented on GECES II – Working group on Social Economy and Social Enterprise Meeting

A Cooperative Cluster will be presented at the EU Building in Brussels in the framework of the GECES II Working Group on Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship. The cluster model combining business and social innovation is the subject of a study of the best practices group in the field of clustering of social entrepreneurs in Europe. Dr. Teodora Todorova – Head of Social Economy and Social Responsibility Department, Directorate “Living Level, Demographic Policy and Social Investments”, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, as a permanent member of the working group will present a Cooperative Cluster presentation – good practice from Bulgaria.