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The Cooperative Cluster was established on 21.07.2016 by the National Union of Worker Producers’ Cooperatives (NUWPC), the University of National and World Economy and 11 coops. For the time being the cluster has 20 members and its founders have been joined by the Southwest University „Neophyte Rilsky“ and 7 coops.

The Cluster has 12 members which are in fact coops for disable people.

According to Bulgarian legislation the Cluster is registered as a non-profit private organization. Nevertheless, the Cluster’s statute was issued in accordance with the Bulgarian cooperative tradition. It is managed by a General Assembly, a Board and a Supervision Committee. Every full member has a right to vote at the General Assembly despite his financial contribution to the entity. The General Assembly appoints the members of the Board and Supervision Committee and every representative of a full member has a right to vote.  The Board’s activity is supervised by a Supervision Commitee whose members are assigned according to the rules for appointment of the Board.

The membership at the Cluster is voluntary and upon free will. The procedure of admission of a new member includes to send a form, and a Declaration, so that the candidate could declare his entity is a coop and/or accepts the cooperative principles part of the Cooperative cluster’s activity.

The Cooperative cluster mission is: To support its members’ business development, believing in a ethical economy development, based on cooperative principles and values and moved by innovation leading to a better global social and ecological environment.

The Cooperative Cluster vision is: Increase our members business capacity by making deeper their co-operation, creating new business opportunities, attracting new members, following cooperative principles and values.

If you share our mission and values, apply for Cooperative Cluster membership and let us know more about you. You can visit our section Documents, where you can find our Statute, Application form and Declaration. We will be glad to work together, sharing the cooperative principles and values.